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The final 2021 Holt Island Bird and Wildlife list can be found HERE

Flooding and unseasonable weather has meant 2021 was a difficult year for birds and wildlife. Despite this, an impressive 88 bird species have been sighted on or around Holt Island, including the Cuckoo, Cetti’s Warbler and Skylark – and our “bird of the year”, the Water Rail

As to the animals, it has been good to see the badgers - at least one anyway - back on the sett. There have been lots of excavations and “housekeeping” activities. Hopefully we may see some cubs in April – flooding permitting!
Another highlight has been the very brief sighting (on the trail camera) in December of an otter on The Waits side of the Island. It has not appeared on camera since, but we will be monitoring the area when water levels drop, and hopefully there will be more visits. Maybe it will even find the new Holt!

If you are interested in finding out more about the birds and wildlife on Holt Island, our frequent ringing reports and bird lists can be found HERE and our quarterly newsletter, The Islander, contains articles about birds, wildlife, insects and more. They can be found HERE.

Here's to more exciting discoveries in 2022!


Please CLICK HERE to find out more about the Island's Warblers and how they fared in 2021


Each year the Friends produce a desktop calendar to raise funds for our work on the Island. For the 2023 calendar we would like to feature photos taken by our members, or indeed any visitor (of any age) to the Island.  CLICK HERE TO READ ALL ABOUT IT!


Schools and youth groups are very welcome to book visits.  The Holt is now opened for visiting groups and we will try to offer volunteers to help you.There are a lot of activity worksheets and our Education Pack available on the website to download, for use on the Island


Holt Island is an oasis of tranquillity in the centre of St Ives town. The Island provides a variety of habitats which attract a wide range of birds, mammals, plants and insects.

Holt Island BadgerFormerly used to grow willow for basket-making, the Island became overgrown when this ended. This changed its appearance and attracted many different types of wildlife. Today the island is home to mammals such as voles, shrews, deer, badgers, bats and foxes. Plants such as yellow flag iris, purple loosestrife and comfrey thrive. Tortoiseshell, red admiral and peacock butterflies can be seen along with dragonflies and damselflies. And a huge variety of birds including kingfishers, warblers, and blackcaps can be seen. For more information about what you could see CLICK HERE.  Photo © Nigel Sprowell.

The Island has a raised boardwalk, which makes the Reserve accessible to prams and wheelchairs, and there is plenty of seating, some with picnic tables. The Holt cabin, complete with bench seating, a nature table, books and children's activity sheets and displays is worth a visit. For more information to plan your visit CLICK HERE.

We have events and activities taking place throughout the season – see the links on our home page for more information.

We have an amazing video on YouTube which tells you all about Holt Island and shows it in its Autumn glory  CLICK HERE TO WATCH

For a downloadable information leaflet CLICK HERE.