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Holt Island Nature Reserve Plans & Projects for 2019 and the future

August 2019

Here's an update on what we've done so far this year, and some of our plans for the future:

We've renewed the edging along most of the boardwalk, and we continue to replace the non-slip surface on the boardwalk and repair the boards as needed.

We've installed a new, raised 'dipping' pool. This is safer for children to use and a lot easier for them to reach.

For the future, we plan to plant a number of trees around the reserve and provide a number of new benches along the length of the Thicket Path. We're also going to extend the “fedge” - the willow hedge/fence.

We aim to maintain Holt Island Nature Reserve for all to enjoy – so we are positive other tasks will become apparent as we go along!

 Dipping Pond  Doug and Roy